Todi is a small and ancient village, rich in art, tradition and culture. Over 2000 years of history and a geographic position to the border between the umbrian and etruscan territory, make it an absolute masterpiece to be discovered. Castled on a hilly promontory it keeps its medieval print intact and has many gardens and vegetable gardens held by old walls and a labyrinth of lanes and walks in the middle of which you can get lost to discover architectural details of incredible beauty and sudden foreshortening on the surrounding country.



Foligno is located halfway between Assisi And Perugia. Despite its size, it has an old town centre         that is well kept and that has very important monuments.In Piazza della Repubblica you can find the Municipio with the famous Torrino, Palazzo Trinci, decorated by the great Gentile da Fabriano, and the Cattedrale di San Feliciano.



Small, wonderful, cosy, protective, Perugia has been elected by National Geographic traveler the sexiest city of the world. It may be for the incredible production of chocolate, or for the beauty of the hilly landscape , for the quantity of views that take the breath away. We are talking about an authentic architectural and artistic jewel with an everlasting beauty hard to resist.



Castled on a tuff cliff, Orvieto is amazing for its concentration of artistic and landscape beauties. Little art wealth, it is famous in the world for the Duomo, that is a great example of European Gothic architecture, and for the Pozzo di San Patrizio, masterpiece of hydraulic engineering with his unique helicoidal structure. Small, tidy, cosy, Orvieto is destination for any excursion in Umbria, not to mention its excellent gastronomy. Innumerable are the things that are to be seen in Orvieto. Cappella di San Brizio, Museo del Duomo, Pozzo di San Patrizio, Città Sotterranea.


Assisi is located to the slopes of the Subasio mountain and although his origins are Roman, the aspect that marks his buildings and architecture is medieval. Famous in the whole world for the San Francesco basilica, where can be find of the most striking and celebrated cycles of Giotto's frescoes, Assisi is one of those places whose beauty and whose fascination, are necessarily more important than the series of works, more or less extraordinary, that can be find in the village. The magic of Assisi is all in the atmosphere.


Kind on the slope of the Subasio mountain, in a natural environment of rare beauty, Spello is a wonderful small town to visit. Its roman origins, medieval marks and renaissance air, make it a little jewel to discover. Walk down the streets is enough to discover a millenial past: Villa Fidelia and its archeological secrets, Cappella Bella, one of the most famous Pinturicchio artworks.

Villa Bucher is located

In the heart of Umbrian countryside, near Marsciano, Villa Bucher rises not far from the most beautiful destination of Umbria. Easy to reach and almost equidistant from Perugia, Assisi, Spello, Foligno, Todi and Orvieto, is the ideal start for wonderful excursions to discover cultural and architectonic beauty typical of central Italy. In a hilly and luxuriant context, between vineyards and woods in which the nature is still uncontaminated, Villa Bucher is in a privileged position from where is easy to go to numerous cities of art, all reachable with no more than one hour of drive, and from where it is possible to fully enjoy a sensational view that is able to conquer anyone.
Villa Bucher is located

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